Driver+ driving-style optimisation

Driving behaviour that’s safer, with improved fuel economy and more sustainable too
Drivers that drive too fast or irresponsibly are consciously risking a fine, collision or damage to the freight they are carrying. Shipments may not be delivered or could arrive late or damaged. Added to this, inefficient driving-behaviour is bad for the environment as higher diesel consumption is responsible for higher CO2 emissions. The Driver program has been developed with the object of minimising both risks and optimising driving styles.

Driver+ results in 2014-2015

  • 3% reduction in diesel consumption
  • 2,5% reduction in CO2 emissions xx% fewer fines
  • 5% reduction in damaged deliveries

Analysis of fines, damage and driving style
Since 2014, we have been using the Driver+ programme to assess the fines and damage sustained as a result of our truck drivers and their driving styles. We use on-board computers connected to a truck’s engine to gather data about driving speed, braking and coasting behaviour, cruise-control use and running the engine while stationary.

Raising awareness and targeted coaching
We analyse driving-style data per day, driver and vehicle group. Drivers hear how well they have scored on a monthly basis. We encourage them to adjust their driving styles by making them aware of their driving behaviour and giving them targeted coaching. Every year, our three best drivers receive a substantial bonus.

Driver+: the successful programme designed to help drivers achieve a more efficient driving style. Its objects: shipments delivered on time, damage-free shipments, a reduction in diesel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

Success story: an 8% reduction in diesel consumption
“Time pressure is frequently responsible for inefficient driving styles. Driver helps drivers to cope in these situations. One driver had long-standing driving-style problems. With the help of a Driver coach, the driver in question managed to change his driving behaviour drastically. In the space of just one year, he reduced the amount of diesel he was using by 8.5% in comparison with the year before. The driver realised that he stands to save most time by loading and unloading faster, not by driving faster.”

Aron Vermeulen
Driver+ coach | Bas Group

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